At St. Lawrence College

We were impacting lives, Changing mindsets.

When given a chance, take it. When it changes your life, let it. I’ve taken on so many projects. All very life changing; intentionally. But this one came out of left field. When I was asked to create a ‘diverse’ curriculum for the hairstyling program at St Lawrence College in Kingston, I was thrilled and terrified all at the same time. Why, you may ask? Those who know me, know that a diverse curriculum is something I’ve been advocating for my entire career. But never did I ever see this one coming. I didn’t know I’d have the opportunity to be the change I wanted to see in the world. I mean, we all talk about it, but when it actually happens… Mind blown. Humbling, to say the least. Here’s the best part – I got to create it with my son. It was intense. Everything had to be calculated, evaluated and structured. We make a great team. We completed the entire 8 program in October 2022. From then on, everything we created would be part of the hairstyling community indefinitely. Every module, every word, every workshop; we did that. After D’antal and I delivered the first module, I knew we hit a homerun. It was so well received. We were impacting lives, changing mindsets. We introduced them to another way of seeing and approaching beauty. We provided knowledge, built confidence and eliminated fear. Of course, we couldn’t do it all. It takes a village. We had the pleasure of hiring skilled professionals, barbers, and stylists to help us execute a stellar program. Since August, we’ve been travelling to Kingston, Ontario, every two weeks to deliver our program. In 2022, we were joined by Munny Thapar – barber extraordinaire, and Eugenia Forskin, our natural hair expert. We had the pleasure of staying at the Frontenac Club, a Boutique Hotel in Kingston. It was absolute perfection. Having to be away from home every two weeks can be tough, but this place felt like home. If you are ever in the east end, you have to stay there. It took just under a year to plan, process and deliver the program. The detail required from all parties involved required creativity, dedication and time. It was and is so worth it. I could probably go on and on about this; I’m so proud of us and everyone involved. I’ll leave you here and let you hear from those who experienced our program firsthand

The Frontenac Club Kingston, ON

Frontenac Club is the leading boutique hotel in Eastern Ontario. The tastefully restored 175-year old former bank is located in the heart of downtown Kingston and is just steps from the water, shopping, music and great restaurants. Enjoy handcrafted cocktails, curated wines and great snacks in the Bank Gastrobar or on one of the stunning patios. You deserve a luxurious getaway. You deserve the Frontenac Club.

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