Visual artist, a career that spans 24 years in the industry and still going strong. Mustafa Avci is and has always been a visual artist, a creator. Upon arriving from Turkey at 12 years old, his uncle noted that he was always creating/sketching & thought his salon would be a perfect fit for him. Mustafa ended up falling in love with everything about it and never left the industry.

Today, Mustafa is a MATRIX and Brazilian Bond Builder Ambassador, owner of SALON M (Brooklyn, NY), and founder and creator of @mustafaavciprotools. He spends his time traveling all over the world teaching a Master Class entitled “MUSTAFA AVCI.” He has many celebrity clients and has worked with Lilly Ghalichi Mir, the Fairy Glam Mother. He has an organic Instagram following of 484K.

Having been in the industry for twenty-four years – are there ever times when you get bored?

It’s normal to feel things get mundane but when I start to feel that way I just create. I love to work – to create new products, new lines, new possibilities. Keep moving forward!

What do you recommend to someone who is trying to grow their social media following?

Be authentically yourself. Don’t be afraid to showcase your unique talents. Find ways to engage and interact with your followers. Stay focused and try to stick to a theme. It seems simple but there are so many components that help to create a loyal following.

What do you find to be the biggest challenge in the beauty industry?

It used to be easier to connect with and interact with an audience. You just had to produce good work. Today with advanced technology (which is good and bad), people are losing the personal touch of what the audience wants – if not careful things can become unfocused.

What do you think is going well in the industry?
Brands are opening doors for us – through technology & social media the world becomes a much smaller place. Big brands value our opinions and are more apt to interact/work with stylists. There are many ambassador programs available.

Tell us a little bit about your own line of hair tools?

I created my own line that currently includes:

  • Mannequin Heads
  • 1.25 inch digital tourmaline infused curling wand with a fast silicone heat-resistant (360 rotator) that comes with a thumb rest for comfort. This iron has a tangle-free swivel cord.
  • Signature Vintage Comb
  • Signature Classic Filkete (Durable/Bendable Hair Pins)
  • Signature Hair Pad (to create volume)
  • Blow Dry Brush – called “The Twister”

I have used EVERY curling apparatus on the market and I wanted to create one that would stand up to all the hair spray use without getting sticky. Something that would roll and wave the hair easily – creating a smooth finish without burning the hair. The clip is very small so it leaves no crease.

I’ve only just begun creating products – there is much more to come!

What is your advice for young people/new stylists trying to get into the industry?

EDUCATION – that’s my biggest advice. It opens so many doors and networking opportunities. I’m still constantly learning – it never stops! When you learn a new technique or skill – do it repeatedly until you master it and then keep practising.

Who are some of your mentors?

It’s so hard to pick just one – I have so many.

I love artist Bob Ross (who passed away). I have so much love and respect for his work. Whenever I look at his paintings – it fills my heart with joy.

Every hairstylist and artist is an inspiration to me. I love people who aren’t afraid to share their techniques and talents with others. Unique way of teaching – anyone can teach techniques but it’s all in the delivery.

What is one statement about you that you would like to share with the industry?

I love to work…but also love my “me” time. It’s important to take time for yourself to create at your optimum potential. I like good movies, a good steak, going for a drive or having a cup of tea and practicing Avant Gard looks. It makes me happy.

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