Our future looks bright. As an industry, we look to our manufactures for inspiration, direction and hope. They steer the industry in a direction that leads to creativity, positivity and growth. We must commend the trailblazers who create new leaders and allow them to thrive as they change and shape our industry.


Meet Krystal Gayle.

Her mantra is “Knowledge is Power, Experience is fuel.”

She truly believes in the strength of work ethic and the power of manifesting all things. It was very refreshing to speak to such a powerful young mind that you know will have a positive effect on the future of our industry.

Born and raised in Jamaica, she came to Canada with her entire family at the age of nine.

“For a long as I could remember, education was the driving force in my life. I was very dedicated to school – something my parents drilled into me at an early age. I had a passion for entertainment, on and off stage, but creativity “can’t buy bread.” So here I was on a path to obtaining a degree to become a clinical phycologist. I completely had my head in my books, checking off the boxes, doing everything I was supposed to do. But it wasn’t fulfilling, so I started to do a lot of volunteer work, things that would satisfy my needs. A few friends had told me about some volunteer opportunities with Laurier’s Association of Black Students. I stepped out of my comfort zone and started creating marketing material. Posters turned into campaigns and then I was hosting events. Next thing you know, someone thought it was a good idea to give us a microphone, and I was hosting a radio show. What started as a trial lasted for more than 4 years – actually, that show is still on air, with a new cast to this day. It was this journey that made me realize how much I love creating experiences for people, helping them connect to their community and their culture. We were part of the Diversity and Equity Office; our focus was to create safe spaces on and off-campus for marginalized groups. I feel like this experience gave me a new lens on life – how sometimes the smallest things can have the greatest impact on someone’s experience.”

“It was actually through volunteer work and summer jobs/internships that I truly discovered the power of marketing. The strength of a message coupled with thoughtful effort can truly impact an audience. I was a bored Psychology/Biology major, but I took what I learned in the classroom and applied it to my everyday. I progressed through the organization which gave me the opportunity to lead my own team, and mentor those who followed.”

“I have to say, I felt extremely accomplished, I wasn’t just a student at Laurier, I was a student of life. But much like many millennial post-grads, I knew two degrees, and a minor with a resume of volunteer work wasn’t going to fill my pockets. This time, I wanted less theory and more hands-on experience in digital world. I completed my post-grad in Interactive Media Management shortly after – this was in intro to the digital sphere, everything from digital production, social media, web development, content creation and strategy. By the end of it, I felt like a forever student. It was time for the real world. No surprise, it was tough finding a job that I could be passionate about, that would pay me a living wage and offer me an opportunity to build a career.”

“Then it happened. It was my second interview with Henkel, I pulled up to the parking lot, got out my car and was ready to go. But for whatever reason I stop and felt the need to move my Tim Horton’s cup. As I put it in the cup holder it splashed up and all over me…. French Vanilla coffee was my new eau de parfum. But what I did next became my greatest life lesson – I owned it! As soon as I stepped in the room, I cautioned my interviewers, the sweet scent of French Vanilla wasn’t in their cups, it was, in fact, on my sleeve. Two weeks later, I started a new job as the Marketing Coordinator for the Schwarzkopf Professional team.”

“I was hired on a contract position and this was simply going to build my resume. After only a few weeks I was ready for Henkel to be part of my career. I was working with some really great people in a fabulous industry. Plus, the products were fantastic! I must have experimented with half of the collection within the first few months. DISCLAIMER: I call myself a YOUTUBE hair consultant. I know I know, *eyeroll* YOUTUBE doesn’t compete with professional training, but it offered a space where I could learn more about my hair texture during my natural journey but that’s for a different issue. Needless to say, no two days were the same, but I was ready for whatever came my way.”

“I reported to Amanda Belasco, now the Director of Marketing for Joico Professional Canada. She may not know this but, I consider her to be one of the most influential people in my career. She’s a fantastic mentor and great leader. She took me under her wing, guided and supported me but she also allowed me to be myself, taking on new projects with autonomy. She among the other amazing women on that team are part of the reason I am sitting here today. Collaboration has always been key to my success in any venture and that’s what I have here. A team that comes together and supports one another for the greater good – truly every character is inspiring.”

“I remember during my interview, Gianni Gagliardi asked me what my goal was and I said I would like to be a Brand Manager within the next five years. (Between me and you, I had no idea how I was going to make that happen but it’s an interview, so you shoot your shot, right?) In the two years I’ve been with them, I’ve witnessed fierce leadership from my colleagues in all disciplines. Today, I am the Brand Manager for Schwarzkopf Professional’s retail brands – BCBONACURE and OSiS+. This for me is the meaning of preparation meeting opportunity. I was being groomed for two and half years and when this opportunity arose, I was ready and I’m grateful that they saw in me that what I saw in myself.”

“As a consumer, I feel I underestimated the power of the beauty industry. Particularly professional haircare. It’s an industry filled with entrepreneurs and creatives, passionate about their work, who also give themselves to their clients every time. Being on the brand side, I’ve fostered so much respect for all the moving parts that make professional haircare so enchanting. Above all, I want others to fall in love with professional haircare the way I have. This seemingly small or ‘niche’ industry has such a huge impact on our community. I want to help create space for those who want to embrace hair in every form. Whether you’re the salon owner, the hairdresser or the client, I hope that when you see Schwarzkopf Professional in your salon, you see the team that works countlessly to bring you the tools you need to help your clients feel as beautiful on the outside as they are inside.”

“I am so glad that the beauty industry found me. I can’t tell you exactly at this time what my purpose is, but I know that I am destined to do/be something greater than I am today. Just watch.”