it’s an action that many job titles encompass, but not everyone may know how to carry out

That’s because being a leader isn’t just about the job you do. It’s about how you use that title to inspire others.

But inspiring people doesn’t just sound idealistic: it increases how productive and engaged people can be when they’re led by someone who puts in an unmatched devotion into everything they do.

And in the beauty industry, influencing others can come in a variety of pursuits.

Whether they’re seasoned professionals or new on the scene, leaders in this industry come with one thing in common: a desire to change the beauty industry landscape and to put the same passion into others as they have in themselves.

Those leaders — from educators to innovators to haircare professionals — have a goal in common: to influence the industry and bring communities together through a love of hair.


1. Ken Cohen
2. Angele Charette
3. Aaron O’Bryan
4. Mykael Jackman
5. Francesco and Giovanni Gallo

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