Most days you can find me lost in my thoughts. Even though I’m a writer, books aren’t my best friend. I find myself reading the same line over and over again as I dream about everything else.

The best part about dreams are they can be as big or small as you want them to be. And when you least expect it, one day when you truly open your eyes, everything you’ve ever dreamt about is right in front of you. My dream was to create, to lead, to invoke change. I didn’t know exactly what that looked like, but I knew I wanted it. So, when I was ready, and I allowed my dreams to come into the light, I made sure they were worthy of the attention they commanded. And with much gratitude, came all those things and much more than I could imagine. Efe Magazine is three years old!

Dreams, you create, design and construct them. All in a space that only you can access. 

Unknown to most, yet soon known to all, are the dreams they don’t see coming. At times your mind and ‘vzn’ aren’t as clear and you can’t see them anymore. But when its embedded in your heart, they can never be lost.

Keep dreaming. Even if your dreams are different and others do not not see or know what they are. Allow them to continue to light you on fire. The intentions for your dream shouldn’t be to impress others. It should be about your life, for your life. And when that is discovered, the impact it will have on everyone will be monumental. When a dream is real you never accept defeat. You become addicted, you commit, you make the sacrifices needed to bring it to life. You fight for it. 

Because your dreams allow you to make your own way in the world. They can be re-written as often as you like. They set a foundation, and raise your standards. Your dreams are not wrong.

So, in this grand world where everything is possible, you can choose to follow your dreams or be stuck chasing someone else’s. Whatever you do, dream big! Dream often, dream out loud or in silence. Dream realistically or ridiculously. Just be sure to DREAM.