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Many diverse groups of people from all walks of life use makeup, hair services and products on a frequent basis. However, the track record of the beauty industry shows the inability to satisfy the global demographic. A thinly veiled perception of beauty has been cast upon consumers giving false representation. Many have been conditioned to conform to western, euro-centric, heteronormative beauty standards.

In recent years, the beauty industry has attempted to develop diversity mandates to address inclusivity. By investing in diverse communities regardless of race, religion, or gender we can address the elephant in the room while creating long term solutions that transcend trends or fads. This is not an easy conversation but evolution does not thrive upon comfortable dialogue. True beauty requires a mosaic of shared perspectives and experiences. Everyone deserves to feel represented, beautiful and most importantly confident in their own skin.

As our brand develops we have prided ourselves on our accomplishments addressing diversity and inclusivity through our product and service offerings. We’ve always dreamt of an industry that promoted inclusivity and diversity, and that’s where the Desiderio Beauty brand excels.

Many times we are asked if we provide makeup for darker skin tones. How can you be a master of your craft without the knowledge or skill of working with every skin type? Being knowledgeable on all skin tones is critical as an artist or brand in this ever evolving era. A beautiful model of ours gave us feedback on makeup artists that often change her complexion and she didn’t want to look lighter than her actual tone. It was heartbreaking to hear and we made sure that she felt 100% confident in her skin. Every shade and skin type is beautiful, our passion is to highlight this beauty rather than conform to the status quo.

Rarely have we heard complaints or consumers even questioning why 85% of the cosmetic industry is catered to lighter skin. But when the focus shifts, it creates a discomfort for the masses in which there is lack of awareness and understanding. What we are driven to do, is not choose one over the other, but simply level the playing field in the beauty and cosmetic industry.

Many of us have seen countless branding based on lighter skin tones but a rainbow is only beautiful because of all the colors in the spectrum. Desiderio Beauty decided to create our own campaign shoot to show all the various beautiful souls that equally deserve to be seen and represented within our platform. It should never matter what your race, religion or gender is when it comes to your beauty needs. For example and as quoted by @collectiveforblackiranians, “Blackness is Transnational”.

Inclusivity in the beauty industry is no longer optional, but a requirement.

Lastly, let’s not forget to show value and appreciation to the land we are blessed to work on. Our brand has equally tried to give a platform to Indigenous communities whom are also often looked over. They have created and built the traditional bodies of land we have access to build our businesses on today. Acknowledging we are on this Indigenous land is paramount to evolving diversity and beauty. Follow @santeesiouxx to learn more on Indigenous history. We are so proud to be able to reach varying communities globally, by persevering to fight for everyone’s voices and equal rights!

Beauty plays a key role in developing identity and fostering empowerment. Inclusivity in the beauty industry is no longer optional, but a requirement. Desiderio Beauty provides education for fellow makeup artists and hairstylists as our contribution to evolving the diversity in beauty. Consistent visible representation is a major factor that can spark the positive changes in how we view the collective.

Stay true to yourself and empower others, we are all in this together.
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