Making an impact in the beauty industry.

Diversity in thoughts, topics, artists, models, and hair textures. The magazine is a true representation of who makes up Canada. When you flip through the pages of every issue you’ll find something for everyone. It really speaks to the inclusion of beauty.

Founder & Editor In Chief

Andrea Sampson

A veteran beauty industry professional, she has 11 years of experience as a National Director of Education and shows, creative writer and stylist. Andrea was featured regularly on national media outlets such as the Marilyn Dennis Show, The Social and E-talk. Andrea is best known for her ability to capture an entire audience the moment she hits the stage. Andrea brings to the table her extensive knowledge of all hair types; carrying the title of “Multicultural Expert”. A barber at heart as she started her career at Nappy’s hair shop; one of the first mainstream barbershops in the GTA. A two-time Mirror awards finalist, with diverse coloring abilities that allow her to own the title of “Master Colorist”. Andrea not only makes long hair styling look easy, she can incorporate multiple techniques to perfect up do’s, making her truly dynamic. A vibrant person with a true passion for the industry, Andrea is a platform artist and educator who always adds her own twist on new trends while embracing traditional techniques.


Sales & Project Management / Spokesperson / Writer

D’antal Sampson

Current uOttawa Law student, former Queen’s University student-athlete, and entrepreneur. D’antal has traveled the world and has his hands in many industries that are dear to his heart. Logistically, D’antal provides Efe Magazine with a fresh perspective and a passion for people and growth. He spearheads and aids in the planning and execution of many of Efe’s internal projects. As well, D’antal serves as a spokesperson and advocate for Efe Magazine’s vision of inclusion. With a passion for writing, D’antal is also an academic who brings over 6 years of research and writing experience to teach the history of hair.


We work with the best in the industry.

Stylist / Extension Specialist

Anthony Black

Writer / Model

Ky’ana Sampson

Fashion Stylist & Writer

Patti Pontes-Chung

Makeup Artist

Stephanie Jones

Makeup Artist

Natalia Farahmand


Keena Al-Wahaidi


Wioletta Suska


We are committed to the delivering content that matters. We are about changing mindsets, provoking thought and creating change.


We are prepared to change directions on a dime to cater to the needs of the industry. We cover a vast number of topics and issues with professionalism and accuracy.


As the voices of Efe, we proudly share our thoughts and views that we bring to life through words. We promote freedom of expression, as our contributors are encouraged to display a true representation of themselves.

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