WHAT THE Efe? President, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of Efe Magazine, Andrea Sampson, discusses genuine day-to-day issues with some of the Canadian beauty industry’s biggest personalities and rising stars. It’s more than just hair – it’s critical social, political, and economic themes from the lens of some of the artists that keep us prepared to fight […]

Texture With Confidence

We were impacting lives, Changing mindsets. When given a chance, take it. When it changes your life, let it. I’ve taken on so many projects. All very life changing; intentionally. But this one came out of left field. When I was asked to create a ‘diverse’ curriculum for the hairstyling program at St Lawrence College […]

NEW DATE – VZN Awards June 19th, 2022

Efe magazine is proud to present the 2nd annual VZN Awards ceremony. We are celebrating and recognizing all things that inspire us as artists. All things that evokes true “VZN.” A new platform creating new opportunity, showcasing new talents and new winners. VZN Awards has curated unique categories that will invigorate the seasoned professional and […]