Oh hi there, it’s me. I’m texture.You might know me best for my moody behaviour…
Well, that’s the rep I seem to be carrying these days. I’m unpredictable, hard to deal with and of course… I take up so much of your time. Although I’d like to, I can’t actually sit here and argue with these facts, they’re all kind of true. I don’t always do what you want. On most days, I’ll go left when you want me to go right. And this whole thing about time… I am only consuming so much of it because you don’t actually understand me. To be fair, we’ve only recently started trending – before now we were a niche market just waiting to be seen. Before now, we were picked over, brushed out, straightened or just covered up. I never quite understood why anyone would want to do that. You know, to change me. But that was then, and this is now, and I’m trending…

Here’s the great part about trending, it allows you to be who you’re supposed to be. Not who people want you to be. Also… who you deserve to be. So, allow me to walk you through a day in the life of me. Because I like to remain positive, I always start my days thinking things will be easy. I don’t know why, because it never is. I’m unique you know. No two heads are exactly alike, I’m cool like that. To be honest, I actually don’t start my days in the mornings. Not if I have to be anywhere on time. I start the night before, that’s when I map out the chain of events that need to occur.

Hmmm, should I be wrapped, twisted, bantu knotted, braided or buck wild it and see what water can do for me in the morning. Ha, that last option, never ends well for me. Which leaves me with the ultimate question for everyday… Should. I. Be. Washed? I try to avoid this practice for as long as a possibly can. You see, I thrive best with my natural oil. I’m okay though if we condition daily, this really helps. Let me back it up for a second though. Just so we’re clear. Every prep option requires a finishing task the following day, so pick accordingly.

Another reason for overnight prep… air drying. Air drying or a hood dryer is the way to go. Yes, blow drying is a possibility, some may say it speeds up the process. But is that process worth the billions of hairs lost through breakage and damage?! This is where that “time consuming” part comes in. I do require a little more time, and with education and understanding this time will become less and less. Yes, I can wash and go. But who wants to? I’m heavy and damp which makes clothes wet and uncomfortable.

Like all hair, I require products. I’m gonna need some for prep and some for styling. The two are not the same. The problem is no one seems to know what products. I spend most of my time testing and trying new things. Craziest thing is, most times, I have way too much product in me. It’s weighing me down and removing my true texture and then nobody ever knows what my true texture is. I get it though… this is your way of gaining control. This rarely ever works. Everyone seems to think there’s one magic product out there for me. When really, there’s a selection of products that will work until they don’t and then I have to try again. Just remember even though I will always be more than enough, less is more. I’m not overly complicated. I just need a little routine and a little training. So, prep me, style me, finish me all with love. Are you over me yet? I hope not, because I am your future.

Oh, and I forgot to mention. I require a silk wrap. One with stretch is good, like a durag… but I’ll take silk. Put this on before bed to protect me from those harsh cotton sheets or after styling so I set just right. And to finish me, not too much hair spray unless I’m slick, pulled back and tight.