Avant Garde Artist

  • Brayden Pelletier

Best Video Transformation

  • Grant Gibson

Barber of the Year

  • Lukas Press

Central Canada Stylist

  • Julie Vriesinga

Colourist of the Year

  • Quinn Enright

Extension Specialist of the Year

  • Sharon Mudavanhu

Make-Up Artist of the Year

  • Natalia Farahmand

Nail Technician of the Year

  • Amy Suri

Sabino Di Tacchio Award

  • Nicole Pede

Stylist of the Year

  • Michelle Oliver

Texture Artist

  • Sharday Walker

The Barber Chair

  • Sebastian Vila

The Salon Chair - Colour

  • Lisa Dinh

The Salon Chair - Styling

  • Reema Jaber

Western Canada Stylist

  • Breanne Gershon

Eastern Canada Stylist

  • Melissa Duguay

Joan Harrison Award

  • Dina AbdulSater

Educator of the Year

  • Reema Jaber

Influencer of the Year

  • Sharon Mudavanhu

Colour Line of the year

  • Joico Lumishine

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